• ENJOY CLEANER, PURER TASTING WATER with our BPA-free, water filter jug. The included, free water quality meter lets you test your water, so you can have peace of mind knowing your filtered water is of a top quality
  • FIVE STAGE WATER FILTRATION: Unlike many water filters and filtering jugs, ZeroWater filters use 5 stages of filtration, to bring you cleaner, better tasting water. Instead of carbon filtering only, our filters use Ion Exchange Technology to reduce contaminants
  • NOT AN ORDINARY WATER FILTER: ZeroWater filters, filter water in 5 stages, the water filters are NSF certified to reduce lead and other heavy metals. The filter reduces metals, salts, minerals, chemicals and runoff to provide pure great tasting water
  • GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WATER: Remove more contaminants from your water with ZeroWater’s unique filtering system. The small water filter jug is designed to fit in standard UK fridge doors
  • INCLUDES WATER QUALITY METER AND WATER FILTER: Lab Grade Digital Water Quality Meter included which will show you the exact Total Dissolved Solid reading of your water

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