Sustainability Policy

One Luggage Limited aims to encourage sustainability through all aspects of how it conducts business.

We believe that sustainability falls into three main categories:

  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Sustainability of partners
  • Sustainability of systems


One Luggage conducts all of its business in line with our Environmental Policy statement and our Environmental Management Policy.


We believe in conducting our business in a way that “meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We are committed to providing quality Products which:

  • Protect the environment
  • Conserve resources
  • Enhance lifestyle
  • Communicate information

We will continue to meet the demand for excellent products but we also affirm our commitment to 3 pillars that support a sustainable future:

  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Economic Viability
  • Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a lifelong journey, and we will continuously review this policy, seeking improvements where possible. The three pillars of sustainability are:

  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Economic Viability
  • Social Responsibility


We will:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use resources carefully
  • Increase recycling and reduce waste going to landfill
  • Discuss future regulations with the appropriate authorities to ensure they are effective at improving our environment.


We aim to support businesses that:

  • Grow sustainably as viable companies
  • Create employment within our industry and suppliers
  • Invest in our people, their skills, knowledge and awareness


We will operate a policy of equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and training


All relationships with suppliers, customers and stakeholders will be conducted with fairness


Careful choices about the resources we use should lead to:

  • Improvements in energy efficiency
  • Minimising waste around the hierarchy of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’
  • Increased use of renewable materials
  • Optimised water usage
  • Improved service life and durability for products that act as Protection


Our businesses depend on the wellbeing and safety of our staff. We make a commitment to care for them:

  • Staff will be informed and trained on all relevant health and safety procedures
  • We will seek continuous improvements in safety during manufacturing processes
  • We also make a commitment to improving the welfare and wellness of our employees


We aim to do more than simply comply with our legal requirements and will:

  • Reach higher standards with voluntary codes of practice
  • Create partnerships with the appropriate bodies to develop further initiatives


We are proud that we are able to be part of and employ local colleagues. That partnership is strong and, to maintain it we will:

  • Engage with the local community
  • Treat people with respect and dignity
  • Listen and learn from the views of a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Share our experiences and discuss emerging issues with our colleagues and local communities


We are committed to following these policies and to regularly review them. We will continue to strive to work within the policy and work forward by:

  • Assessing our progress on sustainable development
  • Encouraging responsible behaviour by suppliers and customers
  • Integrating sustainability considerations into their business decisions


All our colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders are encouraged to take part and adhere to this policy. Sustainable business practices can make significant differences to the environment, customer relations and profitability. We want as many people to benefit as possible.


One Luggage recognises its obligations to all those with whom it has dealings, – shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and the wider community.

One Luggage is committed to conducting its business in an ethical manner and in full compliance with all applicable laws. Honesty, fairness, respect and integrity are all guiding principles in our business dealings. Our ability to achieve the challenging business goals we set for ourselves depends on each and every one of us being committed to these values. These values apply wherever we do business.

The reputation of the Company and the trust and confidence of those with whom it deals is one of its most vital resources. The protection of this is of fundamental importance.

One Luggage demands and maintains the highest ethical standards in carrying out its business activities. Corrupt practices of any sort will not be tolerated. The Company will monitor ethical performance regularly.


As much of our business is predicated on operating systems, we ensure that all systems are robust and effective. One Luggage ensures its systems meet compliance wherever possible across the company and it is mandatory within our contact centre. As such, security is paramount and the sustainability of the company is reliant on this.

To achieve this we develop our systems with our partners using recognised industry standard software and development languages. All systems are fully tested before release and have comprehensive back-up and fall-over processes in place to ensure continuity of business.